Is BOMBitUP Legal? – 3 Steps To Be Safe

This question has been asked by many people who want to prank their friends with SMS bombers but they always have a question about whether is BOMBitUP legal to use or not. I also have the same question earlier when I was trying to prank one of my friends, so after researching almost every apk site, QnA site, and community group, I am here with all the information I have gathered.

So in this article, I’m going to write detailed information which will give you a clear idea and you never have to think about it again. Make sure to read till the end carefully so you don’t miss any of the important information.

It’s important to know how this application works because if you know how the app works then you can get a little bit idea of whether it is legal to use this app or not. Here is how they work.

How BOMBitUP Works

This is an app that provides an opportunity to prank your close persons (friends & family) with infinite messages, calls, and emails. This is an SMS Bomber as well as Call Bomber and there is also an option for Email Bomber. So you get all those options to prank your close people.

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Now whenever you put the number of the person you want to prank, type how many messages you want to send and click BOMBIT, soon after that bombitup apk works in the background and sends infinite messages to that number. This can be any type of massages like some OTP from food delivery services, banks, online streaming platforms, etc.

The spam messages in your default SMS app may look like this,

SMS Bombing

The person will get no idea where from this all messages are coming and they can’t even find who is sending these spam messages. Like the SMS bomber, the process is the same for the call bomber option. You need to put the number and type how many calls you need to send and soon after that the person will get his phone ringing.

According to TrueList, In the world, every day 23 Billion texts are thought to be sent. Can you imagine this number? So if you are using this app then you are making the count bigger. SMS bombers like BOMBitUP play a huge role in this number.

All the things happen in the backend of this device and you can just sit and make your free time a fun time by pranking your most close people. But before that, you need to know if it is legal or not.

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So I’m going to answer it below, so make sure to read the next section carefully.

Is BOMBitUP Legal?

Is BOMBitUP Legal to use
Is BOMBitUP Legal to use

If you are using it only for fun purposes and prank the people you know very well, then it is not illegal to use this application. But if you are using this for sending harmful messages and you don’t know who is the message receiver then it can be a problematic thing for you.

This app is used only for fun purposes, there is no intention to do some illegal activities with this application. So from that perspective, there are no legal issues. But if you misuse this app for revenge or some illegal activities then this can be an illegal task happening by you.

So it depends on your uses, how you use this app will define this question is bombitup illegal or legal. But I always recommend you to use this application only for fun purposes and only prank those people who you know very well.

Doing some illegal activities with this app or sending harmful messages to any number can take you into long trouble. If any of the persons go to any police station and file an FIR against the harmful messages, the respective cyber team of your country can easily track you with the IP address.

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In conclusion, if you use this for fun purposes there are no legal issues. Make sure to keep these things in your mind to not get into trouble.

  • Prank the people you know very well (Friends, Family, Most Loved Ones)
  • Do it just for fun purposes
  • Don’t send messages that can scare them.

By maintaining these things I don’t think there are any legal issues with happen unless the receiver complains to the police stations.


Now I’m going to answer some of the most asked questions regarding SMS bombing and BOMBitUP.

Is SMS Bombing illegal?

Depends on how you use SMS bombers. If you use the SMS bombers apk for fun then there are no issues but if you are doing something wrong or sending harmful messages that can get you in trouble.

Hope you have gotten a clear answer about whether is BOMBitUP Legal to use or not. Make sure to share your personal opinion and fun experiences with me. I would love to hear from you, wish you a great day ahead.

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